About Us

We are a Louisville-based, husband and wife photography team who love people and are passionate about marriage. We work hard to provide you with pictures that you will not just like, but cherish for years to come.

I (Kersandra) have always had a love and appreciation for photography. My intro into it was photographing newborns after the birth of my first child, Caden. It started w/me taking photos of him than that lead to me taking photos of friends and family. The more I studied cameras, lighting, poses, postures, and editing the more I fell in love with photography. Before long I was booking sessions left and right. I was so blessed that something I had a passion for became more than just a hobby.



And now, I am so excited to announce that after a prosperous 2011 my husband (Daniel) has teamed up with me. His skills in day-to-day business operations  has freed me up to spend more time focusing on what I enjoy doing, shooting and editing. He has also become invaluable as my second shooter for larger projects such as Weddings and Families with smaller children. 



To learn a bit more about us make sure you stop by our BLOG  to see our latest adventures and read about what we are up to!